26 October 2012

Let there be (tough) light!

It'd been a while since I visited Goodwill on Whitemarsh. Never a disappointment, I found this pretty awesome lampshade. Now to decide where to use it.. 

24 October 2012

Take me to church

One place I've wanted to visit since I moved to Savannah is The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Last week while I was wondering around on my birthday I finally decided to check it off my list. Such a gorgeous place. 

23 October 2012

Quarter of a century.

I'm officially 25.. 
I've been on a strict diet for the past 7 weeks, but I let myself enjoy a sweet treat. I regret nothing! 

I also let myself enjoy a fabulous vintage carved coral ring that I snagged at the Wright Square Antique Mall. And I let my mom treat me to a new bottle of Tocca- Bianca (smells like heaven!) compliments of The Paris Market. Maybe 25 isn't so bad. 

22 October 2012


Shame. Shame on me. Apparently I took a bit of an unexpected sabbatical from the blog world. Life has been busy with work, house guests, work, work and turning a quarter of a century old.. Luckily I have some new posts coming this week! Stay tuned.