22 September 2010

Happy fall!

It's officially fall! Just a few of the pieces I can't wait to wear, alas we have a high of 87 today. I guess for now I'll have to settle for having fall fashion shows with the roommate in the apartment.. 

18 September 2010

Wishful thinking.. P.2

I'm still dreaming of cooler days & wool capes, so I created a little Fall playlist this afternoon to hold me over, & peppered it with a little Dylan. This is my favorite clip from "I'm Not There" & also my favorite Dylan song. The scene once again makes me wish for fall. Enjoy :)

Dior & The Sartorialist, oh my!

I scooped up this Christian Dior Monsieur pajama top today, although I'm not too crazy about the buttons.  Sadly no pants to be found. And on an exciting note The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman will be visiting Savannah tomorrow! So hit the streets in your finest. 

10 September 2010

Our new addition...

Introducing our newest addition here at Waldburg, little Ms. Facetious. From the look on Mr. Rogers's face I think 'tolerance' would be the best way to describe our new situation. 

08 September 2010

T-14 days...

It's only two weeks until the official first day of fall. Although here in Savannah it won't feel like it for another two months.. But that doesn't mean I'll be wasting time bringing out the tweed, Frye's, and the Hunter's for those random Savannah floods.  

03 September 2010

Wishful thinking..

Sadly for us in Savannah fall arrives much later than other places. Consider this chunky wool Eddie Bauer sweater I picked up at Goodwill today an anticipatory purchase. Throw a chambray shirt underneath and you're good to go.