19 August 2010

Longing for Fall & things that glitter..

How amazing are these pants? Katie Holmes is donning a pair in the Fall J. Crew catalog along with the delicious Josh Duhamel. I'm waiting by the mailbox already..

And while we're on the topic of J. Crew I'll also take a pair of these fabulous brogues..

12 August 2010

You're in the Army now

You can't open a September issue without seeing something that's military inspired. It made yearn for Fall that much more, so I pulled out my grandfather's jacket (circa 1940's/50's) paired with a billowy J. Crew tank it will be great for those crisp Savannah days.. If we ever have any.

10 August 2010

Flower child

My mom crafted this little number in the 70's. It makes me yearn for the supplies, talent, & patience to make my own clothes. And living with a fabulous fashion student doesn't help this itch... 

09 August 2010

Gifts from the North

I love when the parentals visit & bring exotic gifts from the North. Case in point these amazing vintage screw back earrings. The ladies up top are amazing. 

07 August 2010

I want to ride my bicycle...

I'll be like Elmira Gulch, just another bitch on a bike...

04 August 2010

Welcome back Mac..

I've been having technical difficulties with my computer the last couple of weeks. (Technically I spilled milk on the keyboard) Anyway, I'm happy to report the Mac is back & I'll be up & running as soon as possible. 

Image courtesy of Beyond8bit.com