21 July 2010

The National

A depressing day for me calls for an equally depressing (but beautiful) 
song for you. "Sorrow" by The National. Enjoy :)

18 July 2010

Bowled over...

I found this great red & gold glass chip bowl (with matching dip bowl) at Goodwill. They're circa 1960's & so wonderfully retro. Considering I paid less than three dollars for both I think I did fairly well. 

08 July 2010

Don't let the (vintage) bedbugs bite...

I decided to make the 40 mile drive to Hilton Head in search of their Goodwill. It didn't produce anything but a beautiful baby pink vintage robe. I found another huge thrift store called Off Island Thrift. I picked up a great lace trimmed set (Only $3). And if I do say so myself it looks quite fabulous on.

06 July 2010

Hold on to your fashionable hat...

I love my new J. Crew Panama hat. I've never met a hat from J. Crew that I didn't like. They're always roomy enough for my big head...  Their trilby hats also fit really well & shade you from the pesky Savannah sun. 

05 July 2010

Happy 4th

I decided to brave the crowd on River Street & catch the fireworks. They were gorgeous. Happy 4th!