22 November 2011

15 November 2011


I popped into Urban Outfitters today looking for some heels for graduation. Instead I came away with these.. And I ordered the heels. Win, win! 

14 November 2011

Shiny things

Eek! Anthropologie just sent me a shiny e-mail about their Sequin & Shine collection. I'll take one of everything please! 

12 November 2011

Bonaventure in the fall.

Today I took my first trip of the fall out to Bonaventure. As always I got some amazing shots. Enjoy!

08 November 2011

Sweater Weather.

First of all shame on me for slacking on the posts lately.. But more importantly the Anthropologie holiday catalog arrived today. This sweater is one of many goodies added to my wish list.