24 March 2010


The weather was gorgeous today. After class I took a little trip to Tybee to do a little reading. 

23 March 2010

A penny for your thoughts...

I normally don't bother looking for vintage shoes, mainly because I can never find any in my size. Today I came across these great Joan and David tweed loafers. Lets all take a moment of silence because Joan and David are responsible for making flats stylish. Thank you J & D! 

Treasures... p.2

I somehow forgot to post this with my other  treasures from home. Shame on me... My mother paid $35 for this Enid Collins bag at a local thrift store. Collins stopped producing bags in the 70's, this is version III of the original. It's missing a few stones, but otherwise in great condition.

17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The parade is still going strong in Savannah. Right outside my apartment no less...

Image courtesy of Getty Images

16 March 2010

Treasures from home.

Vintage Halston

Fleur-de-lis print. Much more flattering when it's on. 
It had shoulder pads of course..

Delicious :)

Beautiful color, perfect for Spring or Fall

Snake belt with turquoise eyes- I'll be wearing as a necklace

09 March 2010

Let me come home.

So long Savannah, at least for a few days. Mr. Rogers isn't the greatest traveler, he talks constantly... But he does however believe in looking dapper for our 300 mile drive.

P.S. I want to live in that video...

08 March 2010

But.. it's so glamourous..

While analyzing ads for my design class I came across these vintage gems on vintageadbrowser.com. Vintage ads were such an art form. They had the power to make anything appear glamourous- especially smoking, and even a dreadful case of bad breath.

03 March 2010

Je suis fini avec le fran├žais...

I always picture events in my life having background music... Strange I know. So it was most appropriate that in the moments leading up to my spoken French final today Bittersweet Symphony was playing in the campus Starbucks. This of course made me think of Sebastian's funeral in Cruel Intentions. Also appropriate because French makes me feel like I'm dying. But I'm happy to report that all went well. And I'm done with French... at least until next Wednesday when the final class begins..