17 July 2012

Craft high

I've been on a crafting spree the past couple of days. I made these stud earrings from the many buttons in my grandmother's button box and I've just finished posting more (I'm keeping these babies for myself) to Etsy. I've also made a few rings & I'm planning on posting some of mu vintage goodies that I don't use anymore. 

14 July 2012

Rock the Sidewalk

Express picked Savannah to showcase their 2012 holiday line with the Express Rock the Sidewalk show Friday night. The beautiful Mercer-Williams house and the historic live oaks made for a great backdrop (minus the boom truck). The photos above are from the run through, but you can see all the ones I took for work here. I had a killer spot! 

11 July 2012


As a kid I love sifting through my grandmother's button box. So, when she passed away last year it's the only thing I really wanted. 

So many buttons! 
And having an undying love for (giant) rings I've managed to craft a few from her vast collection. 

10 July 2012

Independence (a week late..)

This was my third year checking out the fireworks on River Street, and by far the hottest. Sadly, there wasn't an abundance of pictures (but there was a pesky street light). I was more concerned with finding some AC and a cold drink.