25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

A very merry and classy Christmas to you and yours! 

Photo compliments of http://www.squidoo.com

24 December 2010

Tis the season

I hope everyone has a merry little Christmas eve!
PS- All I want for Christmas is that gorgeous beaded head wrap Ms. Garland is sporting.

20 December 2010


Vintage Neiman Marcus fur

I have many addictions two of which are vintage coats, & whimsical, fluffy Christmas decorations. Two things for which I will not apologize. 

17 December 2010

Holiday memories p.2

My mother (R) & aunt, 1962

My dad, 1978 (Love the fake fireplace)

My cousin, early 70's

16 December 2010

Wellie weather

Rain. Fog. Coldness. It's 64 in Savannah & I'm not missing it at all. 

15 December 2010

Going international

I picked up this vintage Dan Baird glass tray earlier this week. Google hasn't provided me with much, but I think it might have been part of a bar set.   

14 December 2010

Holiday memories

I'm home for Christmas break & I've been feeling a bit nostalgic- More to come

My mother & her cat, winter of 1965.

My mother, 1960

My mother (R) and Aunt, Christmas late 50s

My mother & Grandfather, Christmas 1964

09 December 2010

Holiday Sparkle

I couldn't resist this beautiful fold over clutch from Banana Republic. It was screaming my name- Just a little Christmas gift for myself. 

04 December 2010

Sir yes sir.

I picked this blazer up at the new Wright Square Antique Mall downtown. The appliqué is so beautiful, even more so in person. It was custom made in 1961 for a General's Daughter, quite possibly this fella

02 December 2010

Paris at Christmas time.

Paris Market is one of my favorite spaces in Savannah. It's so incredibly gorgeous, the perfect place to waste a cold afternoon. 

01 December 2010

Saddle up partner.

I didn't have to pony up very much for this little beauty up at  ARC,  a chic new vintage shop downtown. And cooler days are finally here, we have a low of 29 tonight. Can't wait to wrap up!