26 April 2013

Trail blazer

I found this bright and cheery Adolfo for Neiman Marcus blazer at the Wilmington Island Goodwill. Perfect paired with black pants or dark denim. 

Of course, both of these pieces required minor surgery to remove those pesky shoulder pads. 

25 April 2013

Block party perfect P.2

Love, love, love this vintage Sylvia Ann dress that I found at the Wilmington Island Goodwill. I'm guessing circa 1960s. 

23 April 2013

Make a statement

I'm loving the colors this season and these statement necklaces. I picked up the green necklace at an expo show last month & snatched the coral necklace at a little boutique on River Street. 

22 April 2013

Block party perfect

I found this amazing shift dress at Sallie Mood Goodwill a few weeks ago. Perfect if I ever have to go to a 1960s block party. I'm thinking it's homemade, but it's quality work. 

21 April 2013

Break Time

Another unintentional break! Work keeps me very busy these days, but I have managed to do a little thrifting the past couple of weeks, a little taste above! More to come this week.