25 November 2010

Just a couple of turkeys keeping it classy

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   
(This is pretty much a snap shot of our day)

Photo Courtesy of KwikEcards

20 November 2010


Today brought a visit to Fort Pulaski. It was oddly beautiful, in all its exposed brick glory.  I could do so much with that space! I think I could have definitely been a solider here... 

19 November 2010

Mixing it up.

A little something new from Banana Republic.. How delicious is that giant collar? 

06 November 2010

Brown all around

I picked up these vintage Pepe Cantero snakeskin pumps at Blessingdales thrift & worn leather Davey's clutch from Goodwill.  On a side note, Fall is officially here! Today called for a turtleneck & chunky sweater- So exciting.