27 January 2010

Take a cue from Hef...

No, don't start dating 3 blondes that are 60 years your junior... just wear your robe all day! There is nothing more lovely than a luxurious pair of pajamas, or an equally swanky robe.  The navy robe is a Pendleton, 100% virgin wool belonging to my roommate's grandfather, until he swiped it from their attic. The gold & blue robe has a matching top, and pants that can only be described as 'manpris.' They hail from Germany during the Vietnam war era. My uncle and aunt were stationed in Germany, and the pajamas were a gift for my grandfather. They were recently hanging, long forgotten in their basement until I rescued them. Both of these pieces can be worn as light coats just keep everything else simple. White oxford, dark jeans, and it never hurts to throw on a broach (Just ask my roommate) I found some exquisite robes at midnightglamour.com A little pricey but truly gorgeous.

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