12 July 2013

Georgia on my mind

Book are usually a hit or miss on my Goodwill trips, but I found this great 1977 publication of amazing photos from all over the state. 

10 July 2013

Treasures from the north p.3

Perhaps my favorite find. Love, love, love this vintage shirt! 

Vintage vase in perfect condition. It's circa 1950s, my grandmother owned a blue version. 

08 July 2013

Treasures from the north p.2

Love these! Someone had donated an entire basket from Germany, Mexico, Holland and the islands. Between my mom & I we bought almost all of them.

07 July 2013

Treasures from the north

I was finally able to get back home for a few days last week, which of course meant lots of thrifting. I'm always surprised that the finds tend to be better in north Georgia than in Savannah. I picked up this vintage silk jacket, s few vintage dolls and a  great vase circa 1950s- I'll post those shortly. 
Stay tuned! 

27 May 2013

Memorial Day

Liquor & vinyl. Memorial Day success.